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Journal of Suffolk Student Research: Reader Information

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Reader Information

Intellectual Property and Open Access

The University of Suffolk fully supports the Open Access Mandate and encourages Authors to publish as Open Access wherever available, appropriate and in line with funder and publisher requirements.

The Intellectual Property for any work published in this journal resides with the author. The author will grant the institution a free, unconditional, irrevocable and perpetual, transferable non-exclusive licence to use and copy material defined as ‘scholarly work’ in clause 7, for academic and administrative purposes, including for archival purposes through Open Access Repository Suffolk (OARS) and to make it available online for academic purposes. Personal, moral rights will be retained.

Work published in this journal is published under CC-BY Creative Commons licence.


Copyright: reuse of third-party materials

It is the responsibility of all individual students, staff, and visitors to the institution to ensure the reuse of third-party materials is carried out in full compliance with copyright law. This includes ensuring that permission has been granted for the reuse, and that the economic and moral rights of the authors or creators are protected.

Before re-using other people's work the individual must either ensure that there is licensed permission to use the work or that a copyright exception permits the use. If in doubt, it should be assumed that the works are protected by copyright and that permission is required

If the reuse is not licensed and does not fall within an exception, permission must be sought and granted by the rights holder, prior to the work being completed.

Evidence of the permission to re-use the work must be kept with the related work until it is discarded. Where the work is kept as part of an archive or permanent record, evidence of the granted permissions must also be retained with the work.