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Learner Analytics

Aaron Burrell - Associate Director Digital Learning and Innovation

A student guide to our Learner Analytics pilot

The Learner Analytics (LA) pilot project is one part of our continued commitment to helping you to achieve success.

What is LA?

Learner Analytics is your learning “digital footprint”. It is the collection of learning data from across University systems. Collecting this data is not new, it already happens to make sure our courses and resources are as effective as possible. The use of the data for LA project is new however.

Benefits of LA

The data in LA will help you have a better understanding of how your learning is progressing. You will be able access you “learning dashboard” via an app.

It will help us to make sure that we support you with timely and effective support which helps you to achieve your own study goals. We have a duty and commitment to making sure that all of our students have equal experience and access to support, resources, learning environment(s) and employment. Sector data[1] tells us that this is not always the case for students with protected characteristics.

Overtime, the collected data can be used to help you understand how your own learning behaviours and engagement with activities and resources can influence your predicted results and grades. It can also help us to review how we design and deliver our courses to you, and shape our learning, teaching and assessment strategies.