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Business and Management (International Foundation Programme - GBS): Databases and Journals


Database and Journal information

Journal Collection 

We have over 146 million eJournal articles at your disposal 24/7 via Discovery. The library is also home to several print journals which can be accessed at any time during our opening hours.

Journals are also known as serials or periodicals. They are published serially (in parts) several times a year. Journal articles are especially useful for exploring niche topics and keeping up to date with developments in your subject area.

Journals can be academic or professional in nature. 

Academic journals: 

  • Contain research articles written by experts 
  • Are typically reviewed for quality control 
  • Include abstracts and bibliographies 
  • Are published monthly or less frequently 

Professional journals: 

  • Contain shorter articles that are easy to read and understand 
  • Include more current information 
  • May be published weekly or fortnightly 

The following Journals may be useful to your area of study: 

Key Business Journals: 
Additional Business Journals: 
Marketing Journals: 

Ready to browse our Journal collection? 

  • Search via keyword in Discovery and use the 'Article' (for individual articles) or 'Journal' (for complete Journals) filter 
  • Browse the A-Z of Journals or search by keyword 
  • Browse the A-Z of Databases or filter by subject (Databases are an amalgamation of several different journal articles) 
  • Visit the library and browse our print journals 

Database Collections

Can't find what you need via Discovery? Our index databases a massive variety of resources ranging from journal articles to professional reports and videos! There are approximately 180 separate databaases at your disposal 24/7 via the A-Z of eResources.

The following Databases may be useful to your area of study: 

Ready to browse our Database collection? 

  • Browse the A-Z of Databases or filter by subject (Databases are an amalgamation of several different journal articles)