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Finding Information: Selecting Your Sources

Selecting Your Sources

Developing the ability to discern credible sources of information is an integral part of your personal and academic growth. Differentiating between reliable and unreliable sources is a crucial skill in today’s information landscape: it will help you to identify accurate information, meanwhile avoiding misinformation and propaganda. Citing credible sources is essential in academic study to build a robust argument, bolster claims with reliable evidence, and avoid accusations of plagiarism.

When conducting research, it is not only crucial to know how to find relevant information but also to identify gaps in your search. This is important because it helps you to find new perspectives, insights, and ideas that may not have been considered before, leading to a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the topic. We must also know when to stop searching. Endlessly pursuing information can lead to information overload. In such cases, one may be unable to process the information effectively and may miss critical details or points.

This guide will discuss the following topics:

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