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Academic Support: Digitised Resources

Requesting digitised resources

To support you in your teaching Library & Learning Services offer a digitisation service to all Ipswich Campus teaching staff. These are scanned copies of book chapters/section or journal articles.

To avoid copyright infringement all digitised sections must be requested via Library & Learning Services, please do not scan and upload sections yourself.


Digitised Resources Process

For each Brightspace module you may use the following amount from each specific title (providing we hold a copy, and it is covered for scanning under our CLA licence):

  • No more than one chapter from a book
  • No more than one article from a journal issue
  • No more than 10% of a given work, whichever is greater

To request a Book Chapter/Section


Click here for the Form

To request a Journal article/section


Click here for the Form


After your request is received we do the following:

  • We check to ensure the library owns a copy of the source material (book or journal issue)
  • We check with the CLA to ensure the title is covered for scanning (under the terms of our institutional license)
  • We check the Brightspace module to ensure no other scans from the same source material are already being used
  • Providing all is well we then scan and upload the section to the CLA content store (an online repository where we store our readings)
  • A link to the section is then sent to the requester, or is uploaded to a specified module location

We aim to complete these tasks in a timely manner. However, during peak times we will require sufficient advance notice to ensure readings are prepared for the required period.

Module audits

We periodically check Brightspace modules to ensure scanned sections are in line with copyright requirements (i.e. have been requested via the library and have the required permissions etc.)

  • If we discover any problems we will contact the module leader and advise the best course of action
  • In many cases we will be able to bring the material in line with compliance but in some cases material will need to be removed
  • If you are asked to remove a section it is vital that this is done immediately, but we are here to offer guidance so usually we can help you to find a suitable alternative section or a link to an online resource.

Re-using materials

If you have previously used materials in a module and wish to use them again (during the new academic year) please let us know. Even materials we have previously checked and approved require the same checks each year, and where module codes/titles change we will need to update this information.

We aim to make contact during the summer months to determine which materials will be re-used so we can ensure they are checked and made available ahead of the new academic year

Important: Please ensure access is withdrawn from materials when the module has finished (a copyright requirement)

Using Links

If a resource is available electronically it should be linked to rather than adding the content directly to the Brightspace module. This way you are less likely to infringe on copyright or individual license agreements. This will also ensure you are leading your students to the most current version of a resource and on a legitimate platform.

How to
In most cases you can simply copy the link from the browser address bar, but some e-book and journal platforms will have other options for making links to a resource.  Some possible wording/options to look out for are:

  • A link icon 
  • A permalink
  • Share Link
  • Copy Link Address
  • Stable URL

Generally speaking, selecting any of these will open a pop up box and provide you with the option to copy a link, which you can the share with your students.

If you require assistance creating or sharing links, please contact