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Degree Apprenticeships

Ellen Buck - Head of Library and Learning Services

The University was awarded £200,000 to develop blended learning public sector degree apprenticeships in October 2017, by the HEFCE Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund (DADF).  HEFCE had a range of criteria the University was required to meet with an overall aim of increasing access to degree apprenticeships. Following our successful bid we have now begun work on the development of three new programmes for delivery, in Nursing, Police and Social Work. 

At the heart of our proposal and project is partnership, something which underpins our University. We are working with the colleges in our Learning Network, local public sector employers and students on existing degree programmes to ensure that these programmes will encourage participation in higher education at a pace and place which supports the lives of those taking part.

These pages provide information on the progress the project is making, and also provides insight into our ethos in the development of programmes which maximise the support available to our apprenticeship students, and provide maximum opportunity for interaction with the University community.