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IT Skills: MS PowerPoint

How to insert page numbers from specific areas within a document.


Welcome to the MS PowerPoint guide

This guide outlines basic information for using MS PowerPoint to create effective presentations.

The following information will help you better understand how to use MS PowerPoint, including links to further information within the University of Suffolk Assignment Toolkit

For more information about using MS PowerPoint and other MS applications, have a look at, or contact the IT Helpdesk

Books related to MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint 2013 Video Tutorials and Online Courses

MS PowerPoint 2013 Power Shortcuts Course

Assignment Toolkit

For more information about using PowerPoint in order to design an effective presentation, have a look at the University of Suffolk Assignment Toolkit pages under Presentation→Design & Creation, or click below:

University of Suffolk Assignment Toolkit- Presentation Design & Creation

Online PowerPoint Guide from Microsoft

IT Services Alternatives to PowerPoint

If you want to create a presentation, but do not have MS Office, there are a number of additional alternatives available on the internet.  In addition to accessing information about Google Presentations, you can click the image below to find out what applications IT Services at University of Suffolk recommend using: