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Brightspace Student Support


Brightspace is the Online Learning Environment for the University of Suffolk. On these pages, you'll find information about where to go for support, as well as answers to some of the common questions that people have about using the platform.

Click on the links in the sidebar on the left to learn about some of the main things that you will do in Brightspace.

Where To Go For Support?

Click each title below that corresponds to your current issues you are having.

Contact your academic administrator if:

  • You can login but you can’t see the modules that you should be able to see.
  • You’re enrolled on the wrong modules
  • You can’t see the submission point for an assessment
  • You can’t see feedback that you think you have received

Speak to your lecturer if:

  • You can access the right modules, but can’t see content that you’re expecting to see
  • You are having trouble finding a particular piece of content within a module or you don’t understand what is being asked of you

Visit Infozone or email if:

  • You are having difficulty submitting an assignment
  • You are having difficulty viewing feedback
  • You have any other queries that aren’t covered above

Raise a support ticket with the IT Service Desk by visiting if:

  • You are having problems logging in
  • You can’t connect to the Internet or WiFI network