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Referencing Quick Guides: Media and Art

Media and Art

Media and art covers a plethora of different creative resources including recordings, graphic design, audio and films, maps, photographs and art. You must always give credit when using others work by referencing correctly. 

For guides on how to reference a full range of media and art resources follow this link and select the resources you are using from the guide: Cite Them Right: Media and Art

Useful websites to use for Images

When using images in your assignments, ensure you are following copyright rules. This means that you cannot simply copy and past any image you find, you first must make sure that you have the right to use that images without infringing on copyright legislation. Check out our Copyright guide which explains in detail what images you can or can not use: Academic Skills Hub: Copyright 

In the above guide you will also find links to recommended websites that provide images, pictures, photographs and much more.

We have also provided some recommended website below, 

General images Health and Medical  Art and Design Business






The Noun Project

British Library

The National Library of Medicine

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention


Centre for Aging Better

NHS Health Check- Image Bank

Smart Servier Medcial Art


Negative Space


University of Michigan Library- Art images for college teaching




Victoria and Albert Museum

Chamber of Commerce

Jopwell Collection: Intern Edition