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Referencing Quick Guides: Digital and Internet (websites)

Digital and Internet (Websites)

Websites can be great sources of information, but you must take caution when using them. Apply your critical thinking to evaluate if the website is a credible and reliable source to use. Use our guide to help you assess if you can use the source in your assignment: Academic Skills Hub: Selecting your sources

Some websites make it clear who the author of the page is. In these cases you can use this guide to help support your referencing: Cite Them Right: Web pages with individual Authors

Others might be organisations who are the authors of the website such as The NHS or the Office for National Statistics. This guide will help you to learn how to reference organisational websites: Cite Them Right: Web pages with Organisations as Authors

If you are using a website and it does not have a date, author or title, Cite Them Right can guide you on how to overcome this challenge too.  

Cite Them Right also provides support on how to reference other online sources such as Social Media and Networks, Online Learning Environments, Software and Digital Repositories: Cite Them Right: Digital and Internet