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Internal Guide: Group Boxes

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Technology is becoming an incredibly important facet in our lives, the way we communicate, find out new information and experience life has all changed due to living in a digital society, education is no different.

Academic Literacy

Academic Literacy refers to the critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills learned within the academic society. Academic literacy allows an individual to effectively establish communication within all areas of their academic environment. 

Information Literacy

The ability to identify, assess, retrieve, evaluate, adapt, organise and communicate information within an iterative context of review and reflection 

Research Literacy

The ability to be a critical consumer of research, and also, where possible, to design and undertake at least a small-scale research project in the discipline, using appropriate methodology. 

Learning Network

The University of Suffolk Learning Network offers higher education for many young and mature students at our four partner colleges, located across Suffolk and Great Yarmouth. They also attract students from further afield who are interested in a particular course offered or the distinctive environments in which our partner colleges are located. 

User Engagement

The user engagement team consist of friendly and approachable staff, dedicated to helping our customers access, use and navigate their way around our library and resources.