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Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) indexes more than 560 core journals, nearly 50 priority journals, and nearly 125 selective journals; plus books, research reports and proceedings. Subject coverage includes librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more 

Annual reports

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University of Suffolk Bury:
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University of Suffolk Great Yarmouth:
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University of Suffolk Ipswich: 
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University of Suffolk Lowestoft:
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University of Suffolk Otley:
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Book reviews

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Case studies

Intute Case Studies includes a large number of case studies covering many different subject areas. This link takes you to the full list which you can then narrow to look at a particular area of interest. 


England and Wales:

Northern Ireland:


Historical Census Data:



Company reports

CAROL (Company Annual Reports on-line) - offers direct access to companies’ balance sheets, profit & loss statements, financial highlights etc.  Access is free of charge, but you need to register to use the site.  Click the ‘Registration’ link in the main menu to do this.


Hoover's Company Profiles - users can integrate business information from one of the world’s leading electronic distributors of information about companies, industries, and the people who lead them.

Conference papers


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Browse all databases from our A-Z of databases or look at our subject guides to find key databases for your subject.   


Dictionaries available at:


Dissertations (see also University of Suffolk dissertations)

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Browse all journals from our A-Z of journals page or look at our Subject guides to find key journals for your subject

eStream video recordings

The majority of eStream and video recordings can found on Summon but you can also search eStream directly 

Exam papers

There is no central location for exam paper. Please check with your course lecturer to see if past papers are available.

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Films (Also see eStream

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Film Archives 

Black and white movies provides access to free-to-view classic film genres, many out of copyright.


Screenonline encyclopaedia of British film and television featuring hundreds of hours of film and television clips 


Screen Search - a catalogue of films from the Screen Archive South East collection  

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Government information includes original and amended versions of both primary and secondary legislation (Acts, SIs and revised/IF legislation), from 1988 onwards, and material still in force from 1297.

Command Papers

House of Commons Papers

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Browse all journals from our A-Z of journals page or look at our Subject guides to find key journals for your subject

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Law cases

LexisLibrary - Law database the UK’s most authoritative and comprehensive collection of annotated legislation, cases, forms, precedents and commentary from Butterworths and Tolley. 

Legislation See Government information 
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Market research  
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News clips  
Newspaper articles (current and historic)

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Newsstand - this database enables you to quickly search access to national and regional newspapers.


NewsVault - definitive cross-searching experience for exploring Gale’s range of historical newspaper and periodical collections


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Primary Literature and Primary Research What is Primary Literature? 
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Referencing guides

The following guides are available online:

  • University of Suffolk APA
  • University of Suffolk Footnotes (MHRA)
  • University of Suffolk Harvard
  • RefWorks
Research papers  
Reviews  See Book reviews
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Scientific articles  
Secondary Literature and Secondary Research What is Secondary Literature? 
Statistics Histpop - The Online Historical Population Reports Website  provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937, including census reports.


Office for National Statistics (ONS) UK Government body responsible for producing of a wide range of economic and social data and statistics for the UK. They also provide access to statistics from other UK government departments. Statistics for the regions and local areas are available in a separate section.


OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web a database provided by the University of Auckland, giving access to free statistics from official (government and IGO) sources. You can search by subject, country or region of the world. Note that some specialised databases are only available to University of Auckland staff and students.


UK official statistics at UK Statistics Authority  - view many datasets free of charge relating to Britain's economy, population and society at national and local level.


International statistics at the

United Nations Statistics Division statistics issued by bodies such as professional organisations, charities and trade associations.
Statutes, Statutory Instruments, Law Reports Available from Lexis Nexis
Subject guides Complete list of subject guides available
Systematic reviews
Help and advice on Systematic reviews
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Technical reports Office of Scientific & Technical Information

access to scientific and technical research and development information from the US Department of Energy.


NASA Technical Reports NASA's current and historical technical literature since 1994.


NTIS – National Technical Information Service approximately 3 million US Federal Government technical reports

Theses British Library Ethos service doctoral theses from UK universities

TV and radio programmes Available from eStream 
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University of Suffolk Dissertations Browse all University of Suffolk Dissertations
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Reducing Risk:-

1) Banksman Present during excavation and concrete pouring works.

2) No un-authorized persons allowed on site during concrete pours.

3) Warning signs.

4) PPE to be worn at all times.

5) Goggles and gloves MUST be worn during concreting operations.

6) Risk Assessments for Excavations and for Concrete Work to be carried out prior to the works commencing.

The general risks of cement and cement based products are as follows:-

  • Contains Chromium VI, May produce an allergic reaction.
  • Risk of Serious Damage to eyes.
  • Contact with wet cement/concrete may cause burns, irritation or dermatitis.
  • The lime, Calcium Silicates and alkalis within the cement are partially soluble and when mixed with water will give rise to potentially hazardous alkaline solution.

Tools and Equipment:-

  • Mechanical Excavator.
  • Dumper.
  • Concrete Vibration Poker.
  • Hand Tools.
  • Surveying Equipment.
  • Cable Avoidance Tool.

General Sequence of Works:-

1) Engineer will set out the excavation lines.

2) Area will be scanned with Cable Avoidance Tool.

3) The trench’s will be excavated and levels checked constantly and Site Engineer to confirm that the design depth has been achieved.

4) Levels for top of concrete by laser or conventional level as per construction drawings.

5) Concrete will be discharged directly from the delivery wagon where possible and by machine bucket if required.

6) The concrete will be vibrated and levels constantly checked to ensure correct level attained.

7) The Concrete will either be tamped or worked with a wood float to ensure a level surface.

8) Post Pour Checks to be carried out to ensure line and level are within the contract tolerances.

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