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Social Science (ECC): Social policy and social change [option] (SCS202)

Essential Reading

Module Journals

You can use the A-Z eJournals search to check for the following publications:

  • Contemporary British History
  • Contemporary European History
  • European History Quarterly
  • European Review of History
  • Social Policy and Society

BBC (2020) History Extra Podcasts. Available at

BBC (2017) Soviet History. Available at 

Carlin, D. (2020) Hardcore History Podcasts. Available at 

Gresham College (2011) The British Attempt to Construct a Socialist Commonwealth, 1945-1951 Available at  

Historical Association (2020) Modern History Podcasts. Available at 

Player FM (2020) Cold War Podcasts. Available at 

Sandbrook, D. (2013) Cold War Britain: Red Dawn Available at 

Sandbrook, D. (2013a) Cold War Britain: The Looking Glass War. Available at  

Sandbrook, D. (2013b) Cold War Britain: Two Tribes. Available at 

Spicker, P. (ND) An Introduction to Social Policy. Available at 

 The History Chicks (2020) The History Chicks Podcasts. Available at 

Further Reading