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Social Science (ECC): Contemporary social theory (SCS206)

Essential Reading (Dependent on topic)

Blackman, S. J. (2014) ‘Subculture theory: an historical and contemporary assessment of the concept for understanding deviance’. Deviant Behavior, 35 (6). pp. 496-512 available here

Gans, H.J., (1971) ‘The uses of poverty: The Poor Pay All.’ Social Policy July/August pp20-24. 

Lea, J. (2010) ‘Left Realism, community and state-building’ Crime, Law and Social Change  54 pp141-158 available here

Marsland, D. (1989) ‘Universal welfare provision creates a dependent population. The case for.’ Social Studies Review. November

Marsland, D. (1991) ‘Beyond the Welfare State’ Political Notes. No 65 Libertarian alliance.

Mills, C. (2008a) ‘Opportunity and resignation within marginalised students: towards a theorisation of the reproductive and transformative habitus’  Critical Studies in Education Vol 49 No2 pp99-111 available here

Mills, C. (2008b). ‘Reproduction and transformation of inequalities in schooling: The transformative potential of the theoretical constructs of Bourdieu’. British Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol 29 (1), pp79–89. available here

Nehere, K. (2016) ‘The Feminist Views: A Review’ Feminist Research 1 (1) pp3-30

Young, R. (2002) Basil Bernstein's sociolinguistic theory of language codes.

Module Journals

You can use the A-Z eJournals search to check for the following publications:

  • Annual Review of Sociology
  • The British Journal of Sociology
  • Critical Sociology
  • International Sociology

Further Reading