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Social Science (ECC): The human mind: introduction to psychology (SCS104)

Essential Reading

Module Journals

You can use the A-Z eJournals search to check for the following publications:

  • Annual Review of Psychology
  • British Journal of Developmental Psychology
  • British Journal of Psychology
  • European Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Further Reading

Eagly, A.H., Wood, W. (2013) ‘The Nature-Nurture Debates: 25 Years of Challenges in Understanding the Psychology of Gender.’ Perspectives on Psychological Science. pp.1-18

Miller, A.D. (2011) ‘An Overview of the Nature-Nurture Debate and a Proposed New Paradigm.’  Intuition. Vol 7 pp.34-38

Pinker, S. (2004) ‘Why nature & nurture won't go away.’ Daedalus 133(4): 5-17. 

Stiles, J. (2011) ‘Brain Development and the nature versus nurture debate.’ in Braddick, O., Atkinson, J., Innocenti, G. (eds) Progress in Brain Research Vol 89 pp3-22