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Our Work

The Access and Participation team are responsible for oversight and delivery of the University of Suffolk (UoS) Access and Participation Plan (APP) including for students studying with our partners. The APP covers the whole student journey from access and work in schools and communities, through to progression onto further study or employment.  We believe that fair access to higher education is a fundamental enabler for social mobility, improving life opportunities and outcomes for individual students and as a catalyst for change. We aim to widen participation; raise attainment; and eliminate gaps in access, success, and progression to ensure our students enjoy the best possible outcomes at university and as graduates.

Building on best practice to effect change

We draw on evaluated practice from across the sector and out own institutional knowledge and data when designing our activities and programmes across all aspects of our APP.  Our work supports the University commitment to achieve and exceed the targets published in our plan and Equality of Opportunity Risk Register.  The activties designed are developed using a Theory of Change methodology and be specific to identified underrepresented groups and the challenges they face, measuring short-, medium- and long-term impact to evaluate success. 


Working as part of the collaborative Uni Connect partnership, The Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (neaco) has a Suffolk base at the University of Suffolk with four officers delivering the programme.  neaco is a partnership of five universities committed to widening participation and raising aspiration into Higher Education across East Anglia. Officers work with school staff and students to support identified target pupils in Years 11-13 (based on postcodes) as well as underrepresented groups to support aspiration and attainment in Years 7-13+, to progress to and thrive in HE.