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Development and Enhancement: Professional Pathways

Shaping your professional learning journey

The Professional Pathways detail the variety of professional learning opportunities which are facilitated by our CELT colleagues. As with any menu the programme has been design to offer a flexible approach to professional learning with multiple opportunities to access various CPD sessions throughout the year and bespoke pathways to support you throughout your career journey. Thus, the following philosophical principles have shaped our approach to the CELT CPD programme design. 

  • Promotion of evidence-informed approaches and understanding of the science of learning and neurodiversity to enhance student support, progress, and engagement 
  • Responsive approaches to professional learning for quality enhancement which meet the needs of staff involved in support and delivery of learning, teaching, and assessment. 
  • Experiences which support new lecturers and challenge experienced lecturers.
  • Fostering of cultures and experiences which encourage collegiality and structured autonomy

New starters

 Starting your teaching career at the University of Suffolk

Module Leadership

Effective module leadership at University of Suffolk

Course Leadership

Effective course leadership at the University of Suffolk

Teaching on Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship delivery at the University of Suffolk