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New lecturers: Welcome

Getting started

Preparing a lesson and delivering to the students for the first time can be daunting. Naturally, you may question, "am I doing this right?", "are the students enjoying their learning experience", and "what are the university expectations, processes or policy for this?"

Through consultation with new lecturers we have have anticipated the needs of staff who may be new to lecturing, or new to support learning, teaching, and assessment in Higher Education. 

Whilst navigating the CELT CPD menu, look for the sessions which have a patterned overlay. These sessions have been identified as essential for new lecturers and will help you to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills for planning, delivery, and assessment, and digitally enabled education. Of course, it will not be possible to join all of these sessions immediately, but we will deliver these sessions repeatedly throughout the year to allow you to build your own CPD programme around your needs and availability. 

Professional learning experiences designed to promote outstanding practice for research, innovation, scholarship, professional practice and / or employer engagement, to enhance the student experience and promote educational gain

  Engagement Supporting Evidence based teaching
Essential training

Recipe for a well structured learning experience

An interactive session on how to structure and blend the key ingredients of effective teaching and learning for an inclusive learning experience

What works?

A critical investigation into evidence-informed approaches and innovative practices in Higher Education

Designing effective reading lists 

Advice on how to create diversified and decolonised reading lists which are structured, focused and contextualised to help students to plan and engage with reading

Digitally Enabled

Digital Attendance Registers

Guidance on how to use the new digital attendance register system



A range of developmental opportunities to empower staff to deliver a consistently excellent and transformative student experience through creative, inspiring, and stretching delivery and supportive learning environments

  Delivery and Support Assessment and Feedback
Essential training

Building Futures Block by Block

Explore ideas for ‘Block & Blend’ design and delivery for innovative, inclusive, and transformative education

Personal Academic Coach

Employ effective coaching approaches to empower your students to develop self-awareness, resilience, autonomy and growth, and ability to problem solve. This session is essential for all teaching staff

The assessment and feedback lifecycle

An introduction to constructive & effective feedback and feed forward strategies

Marking practices

Familiarisation and guidance on the application of the University generic marking criteria, and advice on the development of Rubrics for efficient and consistent marking practice

Digitally Enabled

Getting started with Panopto

Unlock the power of Panopto for lecture capture in Brightspace, and experiment with using a range of editing tools and accessibility features

Getting started with Slido

Engage your students, capture views, and make everyone feel connected during synchronous and asynchronous learning with live polls, Q&A, quizzes, and word clouds

Brightspace - Assessment tools for enhancing insight into student progress

Evolve Brightspace design and delivery practices for enhanced insight onto learning progress got both student and lecturer

Brightspace – Effective feedback in the Online Learning Environment

Test and review the potential for enhancing the effectiveness of feedback to students through Brightspace


Inclusive and collaborative curriculum and delivery Collaborative professional learning experiences to drive contemplation and implementation of transformative approaches for building community and belonging through inclusive cultures.


Learning Design
Essential training

Fundamentals of curriculum & learning design

An overview of curriculum design principles and advice on using the blueprint to map content to learning outcomes and assessment, including critical reflection upon the academic journey

Building belonging - Managing and removing barriers to engagement 

Tips and sharing of best practice for creating an anticipatory learning environment through modelling of equity-seeking practices

Digitally Enabled

Brightspace - Module Organisation

An introduction to module organisation and narrative on Brightspace, including guidance on using the module templates

Brightspace - Building community with discussion forums

Practical tips on how to use discussion boards to enhance participation and peer learning


Explore innovative approaches to enable and encourage independent learning

Interaction & Independence
Essential training

Unlocking potential through flipped and blended learning

Transform delivery to establish a learning culture which promotes complex cognitive skills and encourages independence

Digitally Enabled

Brightspace - An environment for collaborative learning

Move beyond the use of Brightspace as a resource repository, and experiment with tools and approaches for fostering peer engagement in group projects