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Academic Coaching: Disclosures and Safeguarding

Personal Information and the GDPR

Under Data Protection Regulation students can access most of the information held by the University on them. The template record is designed to summarise key points of discussion and action planning only, such that the detail of your meetings are kept between the PAC and the student. The template specifies that it will be added to the student’s central record, to which staff will have access, if needed. It may be appropriate to discuss and agree what detail is captured if sensitive issues are raised.

During your PAC sessions students may mention or discuss sensitive information such as personal circumstances, medical conditions or other issues not directly related to their studies. While respecting their right to confidentiality, in these circumstances you need to make clear that to the student that under your duty of care for them, you will need to direct them to appropriate trained support staff.

Should issues arise that might put the student’s studies, or those of their fellow students at risk, or they are likely to harm themselves or others, under that same duty of care, and in accordance with the University’s Safeguarding policy, you will need to share information with other staff or support services, as appropriate. As such, in the best interests of the students, you cannot guarantee total confidentiality of information divulged, and this should be made clear when and where it is appropriate to do so.