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Brightspace: Attendance and Engagement

Digital Attendance Registers - Checkin+

Students are required to register their attendance via Digital Attendance Registers. The Digital Attendance Registers are aligned with CELCAT timetabling to allow students to register their attendance in synchronous sessions via their own devices, meaning this platform can be used for timetabled online sessions and off-campus field trips.

Access the Digital Attendance Registers online. Students can register their attendance via StudyGoal (available as an app and browser version) or by letting their lecturer know they are present so they can be manually marked as attended.

Further guidance is available in the Brightspaces Staff Support Hub.

When are digital registers used?

Digital registers can be used for events which are scheduled (or timetabled). The Digital Attendance Register automatically creates sessions based on CELCAT timetables. You will typically use these pre-populated sessions to record attendance.

Registers can also be used for events which are associated with a timetabled modules as well as for events which are unconnected with modules. All of the information captured forms part of the University's approach to and policy for monitoring Student Attendance and Engagement.