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Brightspace: Panopto

Panopto - Learning Session Recording

The University makes recordings of learning sessions using the Panopto platform. This should be used for all appropriate learning sessions (as explained in the policy) to enable learners to recap and revise using the session recordings.  Panopto provides captioning for all recordings and uploaded videos. Lecturers should ensure that the recording is made available to learners within three working days of the learning session taking place.

You can find more guidance, including how to on editing content, editing or downloading captions, using extended displays and converting lecture into an audio podcast in the Brightspace staff support area on the CPD Hub.

Recording Sessions

The University Learning Session  Recording Policy makes clear our expectations for recording sessions and making them available to students following delivery. The recording of sessions forms part of out commitment to inclusive design and delivery of learning, teaching and assessment. 


Sharing Panopto recordings

You can share content in a page within your module, or add a topic to your module and a Panopto folder. You can manage access to recordings within folders.