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Learning Session Recording

(Lecture Capture) | Read the Learning Session Recording policy

Following the good lessons learned during 2020 - 2022 the University is moving to a new platform for the recording off all (appropriate) learning sessions to enable learners to recap and revise using the session recordings.  The new platform will also introduce captioning and transcriptions of all recordings and uploaded videos to better help learners.



The University has implemented Panopto, a feature rich video recording platform.  This can be used to pre-record learning sessions as well as live recording of face-to-face sessions to allow students to review sessions.

Additional features include:

  • Editing of recordings before publishing
  • Text based search of video/audio content
  • Auto-chapters based on screen-shared content (Powerpoint, Web pages)
  • Multiple cameras and microphones
  • Quizzes embedded into video content
  • student engagement data

Recording a Learning Session

Publishing your Recording to your Brightspace Module

Running a Live 'web cast' session for Reasonable Adjustment

Live streaming of sessions may be required based on students' reasonable adjustments, Panopto offers a 'web cast' stream of sessions when required.  This 'web cast' allows students to watch and listen to the lecturer and see what is being shared by them in terms of slides and/or what is on the lecturer's computer screen.  The student can type in the discussion area of the web cast, but cannot speak back to the room or share their own screen.