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Personal Academic Coaching

Personal Academic Coaching has a key and proactive role to play in the transition to University life and in supporting students through various stages of their journey, helping them to achieve their goals. It is a part of the University's commitment to an empowering academic experience, and, in line with our learning teaching and assessment Strategy, will support progression as independent learners and successful individuals. 

In the first term, the work of the Personal Academic Coach includes helping our students to settle into studies, and becoming established as part of their course and University community. Later on, the work will involve raising their engagement with the wider opportunities available at the University including employability, co-curricular and volunteering opportunities. 

The Personal Academic Coach has replaced our Personal Tutor role and process. 

Why a coaching approach?

Coaching emphasises the type of relationship that we want to foster, one in which our students are helped to develop:

  • self-awareness
  • resilience
  • autonomy 
  • their ability to solve problems and 
  • their ability to grow through their academic course. 

It does this through an emphasis on the students' agency, and encourages self reflection, goal setting and reflection on habits of learning, and their own strategies.