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Our Work: Block and Blend

Block and Blend

At the University of Suffolk we have developed a compassionate pedagogy, with the aim of providing a more supportive approach to the delivery of our learning, teaching and assessment. 


What is Block and Blend?

Block and Blend is an approach to the design and delivery of learning, teaching and assessment which enables our students to typically focus on one module at a time. It means that students can 'deep dive' into topics and develop robust knowledge about concepts related to the subjects they are following. Our blended approach is at the heart of this pedagogy, the online learning environment, Brightspace, is central to delivery across learning spaces and can be used to consolidate and stretch learning, providing access to a range of media-rich and intentionally designed resources and activities. 


How does assessment work in Block and Blend?

In Block and Blend, formative assessment strategies can be used to ensure that course teams and students receive early insight into their learning and understanding of thier subjects. It also supports students to develop and understanding of themselves as learners, and develop confidence and their academic practice through early feedback. 

Block and Blend delivery means that course teams can use a range of assessment modes and strategies  effectively, drawing on tools embedded within Brightspace, such as quizzes, and use blocks to build towards synoptic assessment across multiple modules. 


Skills development through innovative design

We are often asked how students can develop their academic skills, subject specific skills or wider graduate attribute skills in Block and Blend. Many of our course teams have developed innovative approaches to this using Learning Hubs. Learning Hubs are typically non-credit bearing, and can stretch across single ormultipl modules, semester - or be year long. Within Learning Hubs, which can be taught collaboratively with professional experts such as Academic Skills Advisors, Learning and Teaching Librarians or Careers and Employability Consultants, students can engage in timetabled skills development, with the progression of skills, knwoledge and confidence tested trhougb module-specific learning outcomes through the year. 

Course Design Blueprint 

The toolkit for course design and development

Latest UOS Block and Blend Publications

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