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Development and Enhancement: Peer Review

Peer Review and Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

The University's Peer Review and Enhancement of Learning and Teaching forms part of our commitment to the delivery of high quality learning, teaching and assessment and to ensuring that student experience is at the heart of our practice. We expect all who delivery teaching as part of our degree and apprenticeship programmes to participate in peer review of their practice. 

The scheme is based on the following principles: 

  • honest and respectful critical peer review,
  • critical self-reflection,
  • the advancement and development of good practice in learning, teaching and assessment,
  • evaluation of the student-teacher interaction,
  • feedback on teaching methods including the sharing of new ideas or methods. 

It has been designed to support professional development in relation to learning and teaching. It includes:

  • the review of classroom delivery through observation (this might include practical demonstrations, lab sessions etc.)
  • critical review of learning designed in the OLE as synchronous or asynchronous activity,
  • review of the ongoing development of maths and English in apprenticeship curricular and
  • assessment and feedback,
  • module (re)design.

A developmental approach

The scheme provides an opportunity for staff to reflect on their established practices and the underpinning knowledge, skills and professional values, aligned to the UKPSF. Staff are encouraged to actively reflect on the possible implications for personal practice, and plan for ongoing actions to enhance their practice. The scheme also provides a system for staff to disseminate examples of practice or seek advice for specific development. The PRE does not form part of performance management on non apprenticeship programmes, however, we do encourage to reflect on your practice and share your learning as part of your annual review. The participation in PRE, and the types of observation should be recorded as part of your annual review.