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Development and Enhancement: PASSPoRT

The PASSPoRT Scheme

PASSPoRT is our continuing professional development (CPD) pathway. It is undertaken by staff who have more than three years of experience teaching in a higher education context wishing to gain recognition of their experience and understanding and to gain Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow status from Advance HE. Application for Fellowships in the CPD pathway are by written submission. 

PASSPoRT Cohorts

PASSPoRT cohorts bring colleagues together to support each other through writing retreats and peer learning groups. Each cohort attends tow retreat sessions before submitting to a panel. Panels meet three times per year, and include AdvanceHE Fellows from across the University, and our External Examiner. 

Cohort and Retreat dates - click the link to book your place
Cohort number Retreat 1 Retreat 2 Submission Panel

11th March 2024

13th March 2024

30th April 2024

8th May 2024

24th May 2024 26th June 2024

18th June 2024

3rd July 2024

4th September 2024 

2nd October 2024

8th October 2024

25th October 2024 27th November 2024


When completing your PASSPoRT application it is a good idea to work with a Mentor as someone to provide insight and guidance - and to challenge your writing and reflection. Your Mentor should have Fellowship to at least the same level aa your application. 

Mentors typically develop their knowledge of the UKPSF and its successful application in practice, and provide support in the following ways:

  • Providing support to colleagues and observe some teaching sessions as part of the PgCAP
  • Provide mentoring support to colleagues applying to any fellowship level through PASSPoRT 
  • Sharing their application (anonymised) to showcase good practices
  • Joining a PASSPoRT panel as a reviewer for the applications
  • Encouraging colleagues to gain any level of fellowship.

Further information about Mentoring for PASSPoRT and the taught routes can be read here. 

Submissions and Exemplar

Portfolio submissions are made in Brightspace, our Online Learning Environment. You can also access and exemplars of previous submissions there. On joining a cohort you will be given access to this area.  If you wish to submit outside of a cohort, please contact CELT to be given access. 


AFHEA (D1) Templates and Guidance

FHEA (D2) Templates and Guidance

SFHEA (D3) Templates and Guidance