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Academic Coaching: Session tracking

Personal Academic Coach - Session Tracking

Start Tracking a Session

Following the first year of the roll out of the Personal Academic Coaching approach an evaluation was undertaken and changes have been introduced to the session tracking process.

A new tracking form has been developed that is more user friendly for both the coach and the coachee, the form also collects better data and allows the coachee to add more detail after the session.

Academic Coach Process

  1. During the session start to complete the tracking form
  2. The form allows for tracking of one-to-one and group sessions (you select how many are in the group, then add individual student IDs)
  3. Confirm attendance of all or some coachees
  4. Complete questions on form

An email is sent to the coach and coachee(s), if coachee(s) were in attendance they receive a receipt of the data entered into the form.  If any coachee(s) did not attend, they will receive an email informing them that they missed he session.  Both emails have a Session ID and a link to an additional form.  Form 2 allows the coachee(s) to update their goals and actions, or if they missed the session, to add their initial goals and actions.

Following the completion of second form, the coachee(s) are asked to anonymously offer feedback on the session and process.

Coachee Process

  1. Attend the timetabled PAC session
  2. Support the coach in adding detail to the form
  3. Check the email received after the session, follow the link
  4. Add the Session ID to the form
  5. Add additional information
  6. Complete the anonymous questions