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Module Leadership: Welcome

Getting started

The Module Leader Pathway has been been developed to include a series of professional learning experiences for those new to module leadership, new to module leadership at the University of Suffolk, or simply for experienced module leaders to familiarise themselves with new processes and best practices. However, this is not exclusive to Module leaders, and those who have would simply like to know more about some of the themes outlined are welcome to join. 

The sessions have been designed to support Module Leaders with different aspects of the role, including guidance for module management, planning, assessment, and enhancement through student partnership. These professional learning experiences will be repeated throughout the year and do not have to be attended in a particular sequence.  

Professional learning experiences designed to promote outstanding practice for research, innovation, scholarship, professional practice and / or employer engagement, to enhance the student experience and promote educational gain

  Engagement Supporting Evidence based teaching
Digitally Enabled

The ‘Module Health Check’: From insight to enhancement

In this session, you will reflect upon the features of a high-quality student experience and how we can make use of health check data at modular level for enhancement:

  •  Guidance for Module Handbook development
  • Planning for asynchronous and synchronous learning
  • Making sense of engagement insights
  • Enhancing communication, collaboration, assessment & accessibility through module design
  • Preparing Module Board Reports and module modification


A range of developmental opportunities to empower staff to deliver a consistently excellent and transformative student experience through creative, inspiring, and stretching delivery and supportive learning environments

  Delivery and Support Assessment and Feedback
Essential training

Transforming lives: From planning to delivery

In this session, you will explore the key components of a well-planned and delivered curriculum, with practical guidance for how to create an innovative, inspiring, and inclusive student experience, which is responsive to student needs, and promotes active and independent learning:

  • Planning and application of the module specification
  • Block & Blend delivery
  • Module management - Assessment, marking, moderation, and reporting assessment offences
  • Identifying use of AI • Module management - Practical considerations for delivery and timetabling
  • Reading lists


Inclusive and collaborative curriculum and delivery Collaborative professional learning experiences to drive contemplation and implementation of transformative approaches for building community and belonging through inclusive cultures. 

Explore innovative approaches to enable and encourage independent learning. 


Learning Design, Interactive and Independence
Essential training

Evaluation & Enhancement through student partnership

In this session, you will deepen your understanding of how to position the student at the heart of their learning experience as genuine co-creators

  • Student Voice Forums and SOFIA
  • Meeting the needs of all students through planning, support, and delivery
  • Module evaluation as a tool for innovation and enhancement