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The Student Experience and Engagement Team

This guide provides information about the University's Student Experience and Engagement Team.

The Student Experience and Engagement Team

The Student Experience and Engagement Team works across the University and student body to ensure that students have the best possible experience while studying as part of the University of Suffolk community. They do this by helping to bridge the gap between students and staff.  

 Our mission is to work in collaboration with Course Teams, Professional Services and Students Union to identify and resolve issues affecting the student experience by promoting better student engagement with learning, teaching and support.   

Our SEA team are recruited directly from our student graduates, and work as part of the team for 2 years. 

Our values

The work of the Student Experience and Engagement team is driven by the following values:

  • Transparency: we will be transparent in our work, and ensure that we provide clear communication to all students.

  • Timeliness: we will provide effective support to students in a timely manner, where ever possible pre-empting challenging periods in the academic year, providing targeted support and campaigns. We will also ensure that we reply to individual students within 2 working days. 

  • Support all stakeholders: we will ensure that we have the correct mechanisms are in place to support both students and staff in the provision and experience of a high quality student journey.