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The Student Experience and Engagement Team

This guide provides information about the University's Student Experience and Engagement Team.

Meet the Team


Georgia Downs

Student Experience and Engagement Officer

Georgia joined the University of Suffolk as a student in 2015 and completed her degree in BSc Hons Psychology and Early Childhood Studies in 2018.  In March 2018 she was elected as President of the University of Suffolk Students’ Union and then Re-Elected in 2019. 

As President she ensured the student voice was at the heart of discussions on a range of Boards and Committees, including University Board and Senate. She has developed a passion for student representation and the student experience. Georgia created a lot of positive change for the student experience during her Presidency, for example ShopSU and SOFIA. 

As Student Experience and Engagement Officer, her role is to help Course Teams and Professional Services understand barriers to learning and implement effective solutions. Georgia represents a team of Student Experience Ambassadors that collectively use student feedback to inform and enhance the student experience. 

Soloman Holmes

School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology

Solomon joined the University of Suffolk as a student in 2018, graduating with a First-class degree in BA Hons English Literature, Language, and Creative Writing in 2021. He was a student ambassador during his last two years of study alongside his other jobs in the hospitality, and care industries.  

He enjoyed his time at the university so much that he is now studying for a Masters in Creative and Critical Writing in addition to working as a Student Experience Ambassador. Solomon will be working with the student engagement team across the 2021/22 and 2022/23 academic years. He wants to help ensure that all aspects of the student experience are as streamlined, worry free, and beneficial to students, and staff as possible.  

Solomon hopes that through his role he can help facilitate a positive progression for the University of Suffolk’s student experience, and above all help students to get the most out of it.   

Fran Mulvey

School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology

Fran is a Student Experience Ambassador for the School of Engineering, Art, Science and Technology (EAST). Having a passion for books and literature, she has a BA (Hons) in English at the university and is going into the MA in Creative and Critical Writing. Having personally had a positive experience at the university, Fran is passionate about being able to facilitate an experience that is equally positive, for new and existing students. 

Erik Vahenurm 

School of Health and Sports Science

Erik had joined the University of Suffolk in 2018, in order to study BSc (Hons) Business Management. Working through the pandemic had allowed him to understand the variety of challenges that university students may face during their studies. And the value of cohesively working with others in order for all to achieve their potential.  


Now working as a student experience ambassador for the school of Health and Sports sciences. He hopes to use these skills to have a positive impact on students’ experience throughout the University and strengthen cohesion between staff and students.

Hannah Pearce

School of Health and Sports Science

Hannah Joined the University of Suffolk in 2018 to study BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Human Health and graduated in 2021 with a first-class degree. During her time at the university Hannah developed a passion for nutrition and the concept of helping people become the best versions of themselves. Her positive experience while studying has led towards a new venture of being a student experience Ambassador for the school of Health and Sports sciences here at the university. 

Abi Harkness

Suffolk Business School

Abi joined the University of Suffolk in 2018 as a student, graduating with a First-class degree in BSc (Hons) Sport Performance Analysis in 2021. During her time as a student, Abi was a Course Rep for her second and third years of studying, alongside working with the Student’s Union and in the hospitality industry. She enjoyed her time so greatly working to facilitate sport for students at the SU and academic support as a Course Rep, that Abi is eager to work as part of the Student Experience Ambassador team to enhance the student experience. 


Abi hopes that through her role as Student Experience Ambassador, she will be able to support both students and staff in the Suffolk Business School to improve the overall experience, and for everyone to be able to get the most out of their studies. 

Camilla Bunn

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Camilla graduated from the University of Suffolk in 2021 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Nutrition and Human Health. Since then, Camilla has become a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) with the Assocaition for Nutrition (AfN) and is a continuing her studies at the University of Suffolk as a PhD student working on a project titled “Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders as a Spectrum of Food Intolerances” that aims to advance the knowledge in food intolerances and relevant functional bowel disorders. 

During her undergraduate degree, Camilla was awarded the Gold Suffolk Plus award for volunteering and Best Online/Community Engagement award for her efforts to keep students connected during the pandemic. 

Camilla will be working as a Student Experience Ambassador with the School of Social Sciences and Humanities to improve the students overall experience at the University of Suffolk.