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About Library & Learning Services: About Us

Purpose & Aims


Library & Learning Services are at the heart of learning, teaching, and research at our growing university, supporting our community of learners and researchers. Our purpose is to be a pillar for academic excellence at the university through our provision and curation of resources and services that facilitate independent learning and research success.

  • To provide information resources to inform and enhance learning and research.
  • To ensure we have a physical and digital infrastructure that is accessible and inclusive.
  • To offer a range of learning development opportunities, guidance and resources that enable and enhance independent learning, and academic, information and digital literacy.
  • To collaborate and partner with our community of educators to curate evidence-based collections that are fully integrated into teaching and research.
  • To provide a range of services and expertise to support scholarly communication and the research lifecycle.
  • To support students as they transition through their learning journey to attain their academic and professional goals.
  • To provide research-informed specialist support.