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About Library & Learning Services: One-to-One Appointment Charter

One-to-One Appointment Charter

This Charter sets out the standards of service that you can expect from our Academic Skills Advisors and Learning & Teaching Librarians one-to-ones and what is expected of students using the service.


Our Commitment

We will:

  • help you to improve and develop as an independent learner
  • provide general, honest, constructive feedback on your work
  • engage with you to help you to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • provide practical suggestions as to how you can improve your work
  • direct you to any more specialised services you may require

All information and data collected through session bookings are kept in line with University of Suffolk Data Management Policy.

It may be necessary to share information from appointments with others for safeguarding purposes, including as part of the University Support to Study Procedure.


The one-to-one appointments provide:

Academic Skills Advisor Appointments

  • academic skills development advice
  • guidance on building academic literacy
  • mathematical and statistical support

Learning & Teaching Librarian Appointments

  • support using library systems and resources
  • information skills development advice


Our service:
  • provides you with advice and support to help you improve your learning and academic skills, including writing, reading, mathematical and statistical skills and study skills techniques.
  • Provides you with advice and support to help you improve your learning and information skills, including, finding, accessing, and engaging with a wide range of information sources.
  • offers bookable one-to-one appointments with our Academic Skills Advisors (ASAs) and Learning & Teaching Librarians to help you develop your own personal strategies.
Our Academic Skills Advisors and Learning & Teaching Librarians cannot:
  • write your assignments for you
  • offer a proofreading service
  • advise you on specialist knowledge of your subject area
  • act as a substitute to your supervisor or your lecturer
  • provide or check solutions to any mathematical coursework, exercises or problems you are required to submit as part of your programme of study
  • offer an opinion on any mark that you might receive for your written work
  • become involved in decisions relating to academic regulations, such as extenuating circumstances or cases of academic misconduct
What you can expect from a one-to-one session:
  • You will agree appropriate outcomes for the session with the Academic Skills Advisor at the start of the interaction.
  • For academic writing, you can bring in a sample of your work, assignment brief/guidance and your learning outcomes.
  • For the mathematics/statistics sessions, you are requested to bring your course notes and any other relevant learning materials.
  • Notes of the session will be recorded and may be used anonymously for service enhancement and training purposes. The notes will only be available to selected members of the Library & Learning Services team.
  • You will have the opportunity to help us improve what we offer by using feedback and evaluation we send to students who have used the service.


Your Commitment

By attending one-to-one appointments, you show that you are making a commitment to developing yourself as am independent learner and as such you are expected to behave in a way appropriate to a professional or academic environment. You should:


  • notify us as soon as possible if you cannot attend a booked session. It is important that you do this as soon as possible before your appointment so that we can offer the session to another student.
  • ensure that you arrive on time for the session, fully prepared.
  • book an appointment using your University of Suffolk email address.