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About Library & Learning Services: Borrowing Policy

Borrowing Policy

  • Carry your University of Suffolk card with you whenever you visit the library and not lend it to anyone else.
  • You may not borrow on behalf of another person.
  • Items issued on your account are your responsibility.
  • Return your borrowed items when they are due back. Late returns can incur a fine.
  • Regularly check your university email for any messages asking for items to be returned (this happens if books are reserved by other users)
  • Patrons are expected to keep print or physical items borrowed in good condition.
  • Minor wear and tear is acceptable but where a book is damaged to the point that it cannot be reused the patron is liable for the cost of repair or replacement. This includes water (tea, coffee, etc.) damage, broken spines, and highlighting, annotating or otherwise irredeemably marking pages.
  • Pencil annotations are acceptable as long as they are erased before books are returned. 
  • Post-Its and Sticky Notes are acceptable as long as they are removed before items are returned.

If you see that a book you wish to borrow is damaged, please inform Library staff to ensure we have a record of its condition. The library's decision regarding whether or not an item is reusable is final.