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Special Educational Needs & Disability Studies BA: IMDCHS105 Introduction to Academic and Research Skills


Welcome to your Introduction to Academic and Research Skills reading list. Here you will find the resources to support you throughout this module.

Essential Reading

Recommended Reading

Further Reading

Module Websites

Learning Services 

This links to UOS Learning Service's page where you can register for one of the many workshops aimed at developing study and research skills.

Learning Services - Referencing

This links to the UOS Learning Service's online guide to referencing.

UK Data Service

The UK Data Service's resource page for students is filled with examples and activities using real data.  You can fins method guides, examples of research reports, and simplified datasets specifically designed for undergraduate student use.

National Centre for Research Methods

This website offers podcasts.videos, online training resources and current publications.  This is a great resource if you are looking for further information or looking for information in a different format.

VTS Tutorials

This a free, online tutorial to help undergraduate students develop their research skills.

Everyday Research Methods

This blog is a fun read which critiques data in the news and critically discusses key concepts that will come up from class, including validity, reliability and presenting research skills.

The Society Pages

This blog is another fun read which critically discusses current research on children and youth.  This blog also provides ideas on how you can present and disseminate your research.