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Brightspace: Student Support

Submitting an Assignment

The instructions and video tutorial below will take you through each step of the assignment submission process within Brightspace.

Submission File Types and Size Limits

Brightspace allows a number of submission types, these are determined by your course team and the assessment you are completing.  Usually, with a file submission you will be submitting a word precessed document, usually in the .doc format via Microsoft Word, or a presentation via Powerpoint.  Sometimes you will be asked to submit a video file, the best format to save this in is .mp4.

Below are the maximum file sizes for the two main submission types:

  • File submission point - up to 1GB (gigabyte)
    • This includes:
      • Any file type including small video files
  • Video submission point - 20 GB (gigabytes)
    • You will be notified if you are to submit a large video file by your course team

Draft Submissions

Before you submit your assignment you have an opportunity to submit a draft. This is handy to make sure you are familiar with how to submit something on Brightspace but to also get a report on your Turnitin Similarity Score. You will not receive feedback on any draft submissions.

Submitting a draft is the same as submitting your final submission, however it's making sure your submit to the DRAFTS area instead. You can follow the steps below to do this.

  1. In your Brightspace module, navigate to ‘Assignments’ by selecting ‘Assessment’ from the navbar.
  2. Locate the draft assignment in the ‘DRAFT Submissions’ category.
  3. Click on the assignment title.
  4. Select ‘Add a File'.
  5. Select where your file is stored (e.g. ‘My Computer’)
  6. Select ‘Upload’.
  7. Locate the file.  
  8. Select ‘Add’.
  9. Wait for the file to fully upload. You’ll know when there’s not a loading bar behind the name of the file.
  10. Select ‘Submit’.
  11. You will be taken to the 'Review Assignment Submission' screen. This gives you confirmation that your assignment has been submitted, and allows you another chance to check that you submitted the right file. If you want to keep confirmation that your submission was successful, you may wish to print this screen.
  12. If you want to see the Similarity Report, select ‘View History’. You can get to this at any point by navigating to Assignments and selecting the ‘View History’ button.
  13. Select the assignment that you wish to view. You may have to wait a few minutes for Turnitin to run your assignment through its database.


Submitting a final submission

Below is a video tutorial that takes you through the steps of submitting a final piece of work as an assignment. The process is eaxctly the same as when you submitted your draft however this time you will submit into the final area for submission. If you have any questions after watching the video, try the FAQ section, which you can choose on the left.