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Brightspace: Student Support

Viewing a Recorded Session

If your lecturer set the Virtual Classroom session to record and publish, you will be able to watch the session back. This is useful if you missed it the first time round or if you want to repeat it.

First, access Virtual Classroom by going to your module, selecting Communications from the navbar, and then choosing Virtual Classroom.

Sessions for which a recording is available will have a link to preview them (the eye icon) and a link to download them. If you can see a sand timer icon, the recording is still processing. If you cannot see the recording that you are looking for, you will need to speak to the lecturer.

Click on the eye icon to preview it. You will see a space where the slides show. This can be maximised to take up the full screen. There is also a space for the lecturer's webcam (if they enabled it) and for the chat.

previewing virtual classroom recording

If you instead choose to download it, it will download as a zipped folder. You will need to extract the folder, and open the html page within it to view it. If you don't extract the folder first, the page might not work.