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Promoting Tii to students

Students are less likely to feel anxious about and, indeed, better able to benefit from using Tii for draft submissions if they have a clear understanding of what it does, and how it will be used in marking and grading submitted work. 

We encourage lecturers to talk to students about how

  1. Tii helps to develop understanding of academic integrity and the skills of a successful writer of academic work,
  2. they can draw on the SR as feedback on their writing style, and proficiency in paraphrasing, quotation and citation,
  3. they should interpret Similarity Reports (SRs), encouraging active investigation of all matches found, regardless of the overall index score,
  4. the course team uses Tii, giving examples wherever possible, 
  5. the system may flag similarities, but the marker of submitted work makes the final decision as to whether the work contains plagiarism or not. 

Academic Skills Advisors, within Library and Learning Services are able to provide support to both staff and students in using Tii effectively. The team also provides one-to-one support, drop-ins and workshops in academic integrity, referencing and writing. 

Support for students