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Principles of Peer Review (PRE)

The University of Suffolk PRE scheme is underpinned by guiding principles drawn from contemporary work across the HE sector, and designed to increase staff engagement in the process. It should be enrichingengagingenhancing and evaluating. 

Why enriching? 

Our PRE policy and process embraces diversity in learning and teaching activities, recognises existing practice and fosters the good health of teaching as an enriched, creative and scholarly informed process. Aspects such as blended course design, quality of assessments (both formative and summative) and student support are all included in PRE 

Why engaging? 

PRE is a pan-university activity for all whose role directly impacts on the student learning experience. Engaging in PRE signals to out students the University's commitment and openness to enhance and develop our practices, to promote engaging and positive student learning experiences. PRE is also a requirement for apprenticeship programmes and some PSRB programmes. 

Why enhancing?

PRE enhances both the student and staff learning experience. It is a process which promotes a reflective conversation about learning and teaching, supporting students' learning and links closely to individual personal and professional development. 

Why evaluating?

In reflecting upon our practices we evaluate what we do and ensure we have a strong rationale and informed evidence base for our practices.