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Audio and Video Services: Filming & Audio Services

Filming & Audio Services


Please be aware that this self-service provision is for staff only

Our Service

There are digital video cameras available for recording. We are able to make edits, for example cutting, with our current editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro.

Previously we have engaged in projects such as filming student presentations, recording interviews for conferences, and online tutorials including screencasting.  We currently have over 3,000 videos on our streaming channel with nearly 194,000 minutes of views.

If you are happy to operate the equipment and take responsibility for the footage, we can lend you equipment for you to use and can then process your recording.

We cannot provide a BBC quality film production, but we will do what we can, and we encourage new approaches.

Video turorial: Setting up the filming equipment

Booking Form

Please complete the Filming Services Booking Form below to request filming or the Catchbox Booking Form to request use of the Catchbox


Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us by emailing

What is the Process Before I can use my Video?

These are the steps we go through with our videos:

  • Once we receive your completed Filming Services Booking From we will check staff and equipment availability and schedule the filming session. We may need to clarify your requirements with you at this point.
  • When filming is complete we will process the footage, either hosting it or supplying the electronic file to you as directed.

Samples of our work

The Benefits of Using Videos in your Teaching and Learning