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Continuing Professional Development

Getting started

Preparing a lesson and delivering to the students for the first time can be daunting. Naturally, you may question, "am I doing this right?", "are the students enjoying their learning experience", and "what are the university expectations, processes or policy for this?"

Through consultation with new lecturers we have have anticipated the needs of staff who may be new to lecturing, or new to support learning, teaching, and assessment in Higher Education. 

Whilst navigating the CELT CPD menu, look for the sessions which have a patterned overlay. These sessions have been identified as essential for new lecturers and will help you to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills for planning, delivery, and assessment, and digitally enabled education. Of course, it will not be possible to join all of these sessions immediately, but we will deliver these sessions repeatedly throughout the year to allow you to build your own CPD programme around your needs and availability. 

Please see below for a breakdown of the sessions essential for new lecturers. Take some time to reflect upon our CPD menu below, and book into the sessions at the times which work best for you. CPD - University of Suffolk - Learning Services (

CELT CPD 2023-2024 (New Lecturers)