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Continuing Professional Development


Welcome to the CELT CPD programme 2023-2024!


The CELT CPD programme has been strategically designed to support and challenge staff involved in different aspects of the student learning journey to provide high quality learning, teaching and assessment experiences. The content has been carefully developed to offer flexible opportunities to engage with CPD, and the CELT CPD programme is a key vehicle in helping us realise the strategic priorities as detailed in our Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment 2023-2030. The CELT CPD programme has been developed in alignment with our Learning, Teaching, and Assessment strategy and the content designed to ensure promotion and embedding of the Professional Standard Framework (2023) and Inclusive Education Framework (2023). 

Design features 

Research informed and employer engaged learning and teaching: Professional learning experiences designed to promote outstanding practice for research, innovation, scholarship, professional practice and / or employer engagement, to enhance the student experience and promote educational gain

Championing teacher excellence: A range of developmental opportunities to empower staff to deliver a consistently excellent and transformative student experience through creative, inspiring, and stretching delivery and supportive learning environment

Inclusive and collaborative curriculum and delivery: Collaborative professional learning experiences to drive contemplation and implementation of transformative approaches for building community and belonging through inclusive culture

Personalised, active and independent experiences for all learners: Explore innovative approaches to enable and encourage independent learning

Digitally enabled education: Enrich the student learning experience and design programmes to ensure all of our students can benefit from a high quality digitally enabled learning environment.

Shaping your own professional learning journey  

The CPD menu and pathways detail the variety of professional learning opportunities which are facilitated by our CELT colleagues. As with any menu the programme has been design to offer a flexible approach to professional learning with multiple opportunities to access various CPD sessions throughout the year and bespoke pathways to support you throughout your career journey. Thus, the following philosophical principles have shaped our approach to the CELT CPD programme design. 

  • Promotion of evidence-informed approaches and understanding of the science of learning and neurodiversity to enhance student support, progress, and engagement 
  • Responsive approaches to professional learning for quality enhancement which meet the needs of staff involved in support and delivery of learning, teaching, and assessment. 
  • Experiences which support new lecturers and challenge experienced lecturers.
  • Fostering of cultures and experiences which encourage collegiality and structured autonomy. 

The phases 

The CELT CPD programme will be delivered in three distinct phases throughout the year to allow time to regularly reflect upon organisational priorities and to ensure parity with contemporary work across the HE sector. Whilst a variety of professional learning experiences have been identified as essential for supporting enhancement of the student learning experience and appear on the CPD menu, the frequency and content of the sessions may be modified throughout the year in response to emergent training needs, session popularity and to ensure content is up-to-date.

Phase 1 - 25th September - 1st December 2023

Phase 2 - 8th January 2024 - 15th March 2024

Phase 3 - 8th April 2024 - 14th June 2024

New pathways for 2023-2024

Navigating the many professional learning opportunities available to you and deciding which experiences would be most meaningful to your professional development needs and role can be challenging. Staff can access any of the CPD sessions on the CPD menu, but we have enhanced the CELT CPD programme to distinguish pathways for Module and Course Leaders, and to improve signposting to experiences essential for new Lecturers. 

Let's get started! Take some time to reflect upon our CPD menu below, follow the tabs for further information about our various pathways, and book into any sessions you feel would useful for your professional development. CPD - University of Suffolk - Learning Services (

Phase 1 offer (25th September - 1st December 2023)