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Continuing Professional Development

Active / Flipped Learning and Classroom Technology



1 Hour




  • David Mullett 
  • Olly Fayers

Delivery Method 

Face to Face 

Focus Bespoke


This workshop has been developed to highlight the potential for enhanced student engagement in the lecture space through the use of ‘Active Learning’ where our learners are encouraged to participate in the learning process. It’s also an opportunity for learners to engage in activities other than passively listening to instruction. 


This workshop aims to build on Digipath 2, and give academic staff a chance to engage with Active Learning themselves through the use of interactive tools such as the Kahoot and Padlets, and understand how these can be used in both online and face to face on campus delivery. This workshop will give course and / or module teams the opportunity to consider specific elements of their course delivery, and understand how activities can be redesigned for delivery in different learning environments. f

The session will cover:

  • Tools and techniques to engage students in and out of the lecture space
  • Classroom technologies that can be used to create interaction