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Continuing Professional Development

Assessment and Feedback


2 hours




  • Dr Andrew Revitt
  • Aaron Burrell
  • David Mullett
  • Olly Fayers

Delivery Method 


Focus Bespoke


This workshop has been developed to support the development of the course assessment strategy across all years of study, and the increased expectation that assessment models should be varied and appropriate to the curriculum design of the course. The workshop will highlight some of the new creative ways assessment and feedback can be utilised.


The aim of this workshop is to allow academic staff to explore the full assessment and feedback cycles. The workshop will also investigate the concept of scaffolding using formative assessments alongside high stakes summative assessments.

The session will focus on Assessment Strategy, and consider:


  • Inclusive assessment design
  • True formative philosophy
  • Assessment of learning outcomes at module and programme level
  • Creative approach to assessment e.g. group assessment, synoptic, TCAs, peer and video
  • Tii - academic misconduct versus poor academic practice


  • What is good feedback?
  • Group discussions
  • Feed forward
  • Methods