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Continuing Professional Development

Building Learning Communities


1 hour 




  • David Mullett
  • Olly Fayers

Delivery Method 


Focus Bespoke


As Blended Learning approaches becomes more commonplace within the institution it is important that learners have a space online to be able to discuss and share ideas with a community of peers.


The aim of this workshop is to investigate the tools available to both academics and learners to communicate and create communities of learning. Learning communities should support learning across all environments, including experiences on campus, online, and on placement, if appropriate.  This workshop will also explore the expectation management that is needed to ensure the effective use of the tools in communities for learning.

The session will include:

  • how to recognise opportunities to use and administer the tools available to enable communities for learning 
  • understanding the communication and expectation management of both learners and academics to make sure these communities are used and used effectively