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Continuing Professional Development

The Course Design Blueprint


3 hours 




  • Aaron Burrell
  • Dr Andrew Revitt
  • David Mullett

Delivery Method 


Focus General


This workshop has been developed to introduce you to The Course Design Blueprint which will be launched later this academic year.  This is a toolkit which will provide you with all the guidance and support materials you may need which designing and developing new courses, or preparing an existing course for reapproval.  

Our Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy (LTAS) asks that our undergraduate provision supports students to become active and independent learners, and prepares them for a changing world of work through meaningful employer engagement.  

The Course Design Blueprint makes use of a Lotus Blossom technique to help to identify and further unpack critical components in the development of your course, from ethos and values through to assessment strategy, inclusive content development and an identification of all the stakeholders you need to engage with, and more. This should be applied at a whole course and module level. 



The aim of this workshop is to allow academic staff to experience, through a practical activity, the development of their own course blueprint, based on the elements presented below. Successful course design needs story, structure and a holistic approach which underpins the scheduling of learning.  

The session will cover:

General discussion

  • The Lotus Blossom - Top layer petals
  • Layers of petals
  • Whole course - module

Group discussion

  • Exploration of layers at course level
  • Completion of templates

General discussion

  • Sharing and reflection from group discussion

Below is the top level petals for discussion: