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Continuing Professional Development

Information for mentors and reviewers - PgCAP and PASSPoRT

As part of the of the PgCAP and PASSPoRT schemes, we need the support from those colleagues that already hold Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellowship Status from Advance HE. 

Following each cohort graduating from the PgCAP or after each PASPoRT panel meeting,  invitations will be extended to UoS members become mentors to support colleagues registered in the PgCAP and submitting their applications for PASSPoRT and to act as reviewers for PASSPoRT panels.

In order to support the professional development of mentors and reviewers, training will be provided those joining the scheme and also, events for engagements and peer support will be organised, as it is to us important to foster a community of practice with those that are supporting the professional growth of colleagues across UoS.

The Role of Mentors and Reviewers

One of the advantages of becoming a mentor and reviewer, is that it can enhance the experience of your colleagues and peers while helping you in progressing towards the next level of fellowship, which can have an impact in your career.

As mentor and reviewer for PgCAP and PASSPoRT you will invited to support someone through any of the following activities

  • Provide mentoring support to a colleague and observe some teaching sessions as part of the PgCAP
  • Provide mentoring support to a colleague applying to any fellowship level through PASSPoRT 
  • Share your application (anonymised) to showcase good practices
  • Join a PASSPoRT panel as a reviewer for the applications
  • Act a second marker for a PgCAP assignment 
  • Encourage your colleagues to gain any level of fellowship 
  • Participate in the PgCAP showcasing good practices of learning and teaching 

If you are a mentor and a reviewer, you can access the relevant information here 

Further documentation is available below

If you have any questions or want to join to community of mentors and reviewers, or if you want to be paired with a mentor, please contact