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Continuing Professional Development

Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice

The qualificatory pathway to professional recognition of teaching and support of students’ learning involves undertaking the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PgCAP). PgCAP is open to any staff involved in teaching and the support of students’ learning across the University of Suffolk and its partner Colleges. PgCAP is aligned to Descriptor 2 of the UKPSF, enabling successful completion to lead also to award of HEA Fellowship.

The PgCAP is designed primarily for staff who do not already hold a teaching in HE qualification. This is often staff who are new to the University (and required to do PgCAP as part of probation) or staff who may have been involved in only limited teaching in HE. Staff who have less than three years of experience of teaching in HE are encouraged to take the programme, in order to acquire and develop relevant knowledge and skills and engage in contemporary approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.

The PgCAP consists of three 20 credit modules at Level 7 (FHEQ). These are:

  1. Learning and Teaching in HE 
  2. Curriculum Design, Assessment and Feedback 
  3. Small-Scale Research Inquiry 

The Learning and Teaching in HE module is aligned to Descriptor 1 of the UKPSF and so anyone taking this module as a standalone will be awarded Associate Fellowship of the HEA on successful completion of the module.

Successful completion of the full Certificate leads to award of HEA Fellowship.

Study on the PgCAP brings you into contact with colleagues from across the University, creating a vibrant and diverse learning community. Local disciplinary support while studying on the course comes first from a PgCAP Mentor, who will normally be located in your own subject/professional area. All PgCAP Mentors have already gained their own HEA Fellowships.

Current information on the PgCAP can be found in the PgCAP Course Handbook. PgCAP normally commences each January and lasts for 15 months overall. It is a part-time programme and sessions operate both face-to-face and online. Sessions are not held weekly but normally meetings occur on Wednesdays.

You can also contact the Course Leader, Caroline Doolan for further information at:

PGCAP Resources, Forms and Templates