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Continuing Professional Development



3 hours 




  • Aaron Burrell
  • David Mullett

Delivery Method 


Focus Bespoke


Storyboarding a course helps to visualise structure, alignment and the position of activities and assessments. This can be done as a collaborative exercise involving course/module teams, Librarians, Academic Skills Advisors and Learning Technologists, to plan, implement and review student-centred e-learning designs, focusing on learner activity, group work and assessment for learning. 


This workshop will look at the underlying mission, principles, values and learning outcomes of the module or course.  During the workshop a storyboard will be designed allowing the course/module team to address the learning outcomes and what activities can be built, aligned to the those outcomes. 

Following completion of the programme, course teams have a blueprint and storyboard for their course or module, a set of peer-reviewed online learning activities (or e-tivities) running on Brightspace, Suffolk’s online learning environment, a transferable model for e-tivity design and a practical action plan. 

This workshop programme works well as a pre-validation event, allowing the course team to develop their activities directly in Brightspace, meaning the team have a ready-made learning environment tour as requested by most validation panels. 

The session will look at:

  • Reconfiguring the learning journey
  • Related units of learning and assessment
  • Assessment load
  • Creating a visualisation of the course