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Module Insights and Progress Data

6 January 2020

Following the demonstration of the Brightspace Module Insights at the December Learning and Teaching Forum, we are pleased to announce that the Module Insights widget has been deployed to all module homepages.

There are a number of data visualisations now available to you for each of your modules, these are:

  • Quick view of number of visits
  • Quick view of quiz submissions
  • Class engagement
  • Course access
  • Tool access

Below you will see where on the module homepage you will find the widget, as well as what the widget looks like.

Module homepage with insights widget identified

You will see there is a quick view of the number of unique student accesses per day for the previous week, as well as the number of quiz attempts that have been submitted.  There are a further three links to the other visualisations.  These allow you to see more information about your students' engagement, including the last time they logged in, their grades and if they are participating in discussion boards.   

The class access report shows how your module has been accessed over time.  The tool access report will give you a breakdown of what tools you have used in the module and how your students are using them.  Below shows how the tools in our Brightspace demo module have been used:

Module Insights report for tool use.

Brightspace also offers access to student progress data, allowing you see on one screen how your students are progressing through the module, you can also access a breakdown of each student.  To view more information about the module insights widget and the class progress reports, please view the blog post here.

In this update: