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Classroom Technologies

Empower your audience to ask questions, vote in polls and be a part of the discussion by using a simple Q&A and polling tool.

Audience questions

Q and AHost better Q&A sessions

Let everyone in the audience ask their questions and vote for the ones they like the most. Slido will help you prioritize the discussion topics for conference Q&As, panel discussions or all-hands meetings.



Live Polls

Engage your audience with live polls

Make your meetings and events more interactive by polling your audience in real time. Live polls are an easy way to kick-start the conversation, check knowledge or get instant feedback.


Make learning fun with live quizzes

Design a fun quiz that fits your presentation, training or class theme. You can use it to break the ice, recap the content, entertain or test the attendees.




Gain valuable insights about your audience

Discover what topics resonate with your audience and use it to fuel your decisions. Slido Analytics lets you view, analyze and export all the interaction data from your event.


New way to brainstorm ideas

Collect and curate the best ideas from your participants, whether you’re deciding on team projects or summarizing the key learnings from your workshop.