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Classroom Technologies


We now have a University wide license for Padlet, meaning you are no longer limited to the amount of padlets you can create.  Access here to login with your University Office 365 account details.

Make beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun contribute to.


Easy and intuitive

Even if you’ve never used any kind of productivity software before, Padlet is familiar and fun

  • Add posts with one click, copy-paste, or drag and drop
  • Works the way your mind works - with sight, sound, and touch
  • Changes are autosaved
  • Simple link sharing allows for quick collaboration

Flexible and versatile

Whether blogging, bookmarking, or bolstering discussion, no need to look elsewhere.
  • 3 vastly different layouts that convey information as a square board, a feed of information, or as an open canvas
  • Utilize wallpapers as organization tools, from a Venn Diagram, to KWL chart, to a calendar, to a To-Do list
  • cUse as a publishing tool or private notes app, thanks to comprehensive privacy options
  • Supports minimalists and maximalists alike
  • From sticky notes to essays, encompasses all types of writing